transportation paperwork
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The only AI document automation solution built specifically for the trucking & freight industry.
Trusted by leading-edge transportation companies.
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Document Automation
for the Transportation Industry

State of the art AI and Machine Learning
customized to your workflows.
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Eliminate data entry.  
Information from rate confirmations and 50 other document types auto-populate your systems via API.
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Stop searching for documents.  Incoming documents are received, matched and verified against related documents.
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Attachments that make sense.  
Every document is categorized,
labeled and made legible.

Any Document

Rate Confirmations, Bills of Lading, Accessorial Receipts, Annual Inspections, and more than 50 more!

Any Format

PDFs, JPGs, PNG, etc.,  Even that sloppy picture taken in the cab of a truck!

Any Source

Intercept documents from Email, Text, Slack, ELD, TMS, Zapier or any other channel you’re using.
Easy to Implement API
Our machine learning API fits your existing workflow.  
There’s no app to learn and no expensive platform to pay for.

Built for the
Transportation Industry

Our machine learning AI is customized to your workflows.


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Automatically verify 100% of loads before payment.
Without human intervention.


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Streamline Carrier documents and send them automatically to your Customers.


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Get paid faster with our intelligent document packaging.

TMS Systems

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Eliminate user data entry by extracting content from the document into the TMS record.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

"As a trucking company, we were drowning in paperwork. With Peruse, it’s no longer a pain point. We’ve reduced costs, gotten organized and freed up the back office. And there are no more invoice rejections!"
Mike Ivanoff
VP, Operations
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15% Result?
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5% Efficiency
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25% Time Saved
“We’ve tried many document AI solutions and Peruse is both the most accurate and cost-effective. It’s so much more than just intelligent OCR.”
Joao Bosco
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15% Result?
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5% Efficiency
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25% Time Saved
"Peruse greatly reduces the burden on our staff and helps us streamline operations. Its accuracy is key to our goal of preventing fraud in the factoring market. We’re excited to be able to optimize our internal processes and deliver better service to our customers!"
Marina Brown
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15% Result?
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5% Efficiency
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25% Time Saved
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Automatically verify 100% of invoices

Intelligently match Proof of Delivery documents with their Rate Confirmation.


Find line item detail across documents regardless of format or source.

Data Entry

Auto-create TMS
records directly from the Rate Confirmation.