Save time and money auditing freight documents.

AI-powered document review automation that works,
built for the Transportation and Logistics industry.

Eliminate 90% of human document review.

Invoice Matching

Experience the power of 97% automation 
accuracy when running a bill of lading,
rate confirmation and invoice match.

Signature Detection

Benefit from best-in-class image recognition software to detect signatures, stamps, overages, shortages and damages.

Fraud Prevention

Leverage forensic level AI to eliminate fraud. Detect tampered documents, fraudulent load numbers and double brokering.

Peruse helps us streamline operations, speed up invoice approval, and eliminate fraud. Enabling us to grow our business and protect our bottom line.

Marina Brown

Chief Product Officer, BasicBlock

As a 3PL, we were drowning in paperwork. With Peruse, it’s no longer a pain point. We’ve reduced costs, gotten organized and freed up the back office.

Mike Ivanoff

Chief Operating Officer, LogiFlex

We’ve tried many document AI solutions and Peruse is both the most accurate and cost-effective. It’s so much more than intelligent OCR.

Joao Bosco

Chief Operating Officer, LogRock

Transform messy transportation documents
into structured data.

Classify and extract data from over 50 logistics document types.

Document Classification

Every incoming document is classified, labeled, and grouped with related documents, no matter the source or format.

Data Extraction

Eliminate manual data entry by up to 99%. Extract data from incoming emails and documents. Populate your systems via API.

AI Expert in Freight Documents

Trained on more than 10,000,000 freight documents, Peruse offers unparalleled precision and customer support.

Supercharge your product roadmap.

Industry-leading NLP and machine learning customized to your workflows.

Plug and Play API

With Peruse, there’s no new app to learn and no change in process required.

White-Label Interface

White-label and embed Peruse into your existing systems.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our product is customizable, ensuring you receive a solution that fits your needs.

Our software, your

Reduce costs

Grow your business

Best-in-class AI

All your documents in one place.

Any Document

Rate Confirmations, Bills of Lading, Accessorial Receipts and 50 more!

Any Format

PDF, XLS, PNG, JPEG... Even that messy picture sent from the cab of a truck!

Any Source

Send documents to Peruse via email, text message, ELD, API and custom integration.